Buy the most trusted seeds for its health benefits – Kalonji seeds with purity assured at best rate ever offered. The product is totally organic and natural and is a must include into your kitchen spices.



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Kalonji seeds are basically belongs to buttercup families of flowering plants, and it is also known as nigella or black cumin. Kalonji seeds provide a different flavour in many dishes. The aromatic fragrance and the unbelievable benefits make it to must keep in our kitchen spice box. Mostly every Indian cook uses Kalonji seeds to enhance the taste in their dishes. The super tiny seeds are packed with full of nutritional values. Don’t confuse the benefits with their sizes. The size is small and the benefits are huge. Researches show that daily consumption of Kalonji seeds may heal many types of health related problems because of its medicinal properties.

Kalonji seeds even being small in size contain a lot of benefits for our health, few of which are mentioned below:

  • It may prevent diabetes
  • Good for the health of heart and prevent heart disease
  • It may help to boost memory as well as immunity
  • Headache reliever
  • It helps to heal joint pain
  • Helpful in situations like cough, cold, or flu
  • May help to prevent cancer
  • Improves the healthy functioning of kidney
  • Improves dental health
  • May promote weight loss along with balanced diet and proper regular exercise
  • Can cure tumours and can also treat piles
  • Improves the health of heels skin and may heal it properly
  • Instant boost in energy
  • May prevent hair fall
  • Provides health, charming, glowing, acne free, smooth, and clear skin
  • Protect liver and kidney
  • Help to deal with many types of pain and can even cure back pain
  • Helpful in menstruation
  • Fights anemia
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