Buy our delicious dry dates black in colour and known as Kalmi dry dates. The dates are marked best to get instant energy and dry Kalmi dates are also marked to be the best for our immune system.



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Date palm tree is the origin of dates. Dried dates are most likely to be consumed by most of the population throughout the world. Anybody can confirm by seeing that dates are fresh or dried by judging the skin of it. If the skin is not wrinkled then dates are fresh and if it is wrinkled then dates are dried. In India dates are famous in the name of KHAJOOR. Peoples consume it for both the purpose one as snacks and another as to gain natural source of nutrients. Dates can be mark as the healthiest sweet after dinner as it boosts the digestive system.

Dates provide us massive health benefits, few of which are mentioned below:

  • Improve health of skin
  • Improve health of hairs
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Fights cancer cells
  • It has anti-tumour properties
  • It has anti inflammatory properties
  • Provides rich source of Vitamins
  • Provides rich source of Iron
  • Provides high amount of fiber
  • Boost digestive system
  • Boost immune system
  • Contains anti-oxidants
  • Good for smooth pregnancy at all stages
  • Improves the health of eyes and improves our vision
  • Good for development of brain
  • Identical for growth of kids
  • Can be used as memory booster
  • Good source of quick energy
  • Relief symptoms of anemia
  • Helpful in case of fertile life
  • Prevents problem of night blindness
  • Can treat situation such as chronic diarrhea
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