Buy our best quality at best price Mamra almonds. Naturally harvested and imported from Iran, our irani mamra almonds are delicious in taste and rich in nutritional value. The snack time is on with no weight gain with our best brain food.  Boost your memory, try now.



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Our Mamra almonds harvested in Iran are high quality food product. Mamra almond is the most famous almond amongst the all almonds available. The nutritional contents in mamra almonds are very high if we compared it with the other categories of almonds. The mamra almonds are tasty though but some few pieces can be bitter in taste (rarely 0.01%). But those mamra almonds with bitter taste are also containing a lot of nutritional value. THE TASTE CAN’T CHANGE THE BEST.

Mamra almond has following benefits in itself to boost your health needs:

  • Good for health of brain
  • Sharpen the memory
  • Good for skin life
  • Reduces the ageing effect
  • Rich in Vitamin E
  • Good source of anti-oxidant
  • Useful in pregnancy
  • Useful in post-natal period
  • Good for kids development
  • Good for elderly members
  • Helpful in weight loss
  • Good for health of heart
  • Helpful for diabetic people

The super good brain food almond is a must thing to include in our diet. We can eat it as raw form or we have so many options to make tasty dishes from this amazing ingredient. Following are some of the example in which we can use almonds:

  • We can make almond halwa
  • We can use almond as toping in various sweet dishes like kheer, gajar ka halwa, etc
  • We can make almond chakki
  • Almond roti is very famous now a days
  • Almond are used in chocolates

The most famous mamra almond is the king in taste and boost in nutrients.

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