Try this natural gurbandi almond at the best available market price that too harvested in our country which makes it most trustworthy. The colour and the taste remain unchanged and the almonds are totally organic.



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Good for our brain, the most filling healthy snack Almond is a perfect fit to include in our food routine. Gurbandi almonds are smaller in size but contains heavy package of health. Gurbandi almonds belong to Afganistan and Kashmir. Being home harvested gurbandi almond are more reliable when you choose it from the variety of other type of almonds. The natural behaviour of this food is unchanged.

Almond has following benefits in itself to boost your health needs:

  • Good for health of brain
  • Sharpen the memory
  • Good for elderly members
  • Helpful in weight loss
  • Good for health of heart
  • Helpful for diabetic people
  • Good for skin life
  • Reduces the ageing effect
  • Rich in Vitamin E
  • Good source of anti-oxidant
  • Useful in pregnancy
  • Useful in post-natal period
  • Good for kids development

The super good brain food almond is a must thing to include in our diet. We can eat it as raw form or we have so many options to make tasty dishes from this amazing ingredient. Following are some of the example in which we can use almonds:

  • We can use almond as toping in various sweet dishes like kheer, gajar ka halwa, etc
  • We can make almond chakki
  • Almond roti
  • Almond are used in chocolates
  • We can make almond halwa

Beside above mentioned points, you can use almond in any manner you wants to. Taste and benefits will not get intact. The super healthy brain food is good for any age group. Everyone should include almonds in their respective diet charts.

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