Buy the pure and natural edible gum (Gondh) from us at a very reasonable price and with the best quality offered. Gondh is the natural source to improve calcium deficiency in our body. Gondh must be consumed by pregnant ladies, lactating mothers, senior citizens, and kids.



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With exclusive healthy properties gums from the Arabia tree are edible and tasteless. This is also known as tragacanth gum and it is famous in India as Gondh. Being a traditional herb Gondh provides various types of nutrients benefits. But because of providing more heat in the body it is recommended that it must be consumed in winter season. It can be used to create many types of cosmetic items and can also be used in cooking. My favourite is Gondh Giri Laddoo. What about you?

Gondh is calcium booster in our body. Gondh provides us many nutrients and the benefits to meet daily health requirement of our body system.

Few benefits of Gondh (edible gum) are mentioned below:

  • Natural calcium booster
  • Good for healthy womb development
  • Proven effect to have a smooth pregnancy
  • Good for lactating mothers as it boost lactation
  • Prevents nose bleeding in kids
  • Prevents urinary tract infections
  • Can increase breast size in women
  • Contains high amount of protein
  • Good for the health of our brain
  • Improves digestive system
  • Itself tasteless but can add taste into anything
  • Good for the vision of the eyes
  • Good for bone development
  • Good for dental care
  • Provides glowing skin by improving the health of skin tissues


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