Amazing taste of dried cranberries is a replacement of your candy cravings with a good source of fiber and anti-oxidants. The process of drying fresh seasoned high quality cranberries into dried cranberries is done naturally by us so that it will retain all the benefits of nature’s beauty.



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Dried cranberries are amazing in taste and good source of Fiber and anti-oxidants just like other dried fruits. US people’s love dried cranberries and they use this mostly in Christmas and thanksgiving ceremony. The process to make dried cranberries is done by drying water content in fresh cranberries but the nutrients remain as it is, only sugar content is reduced with water content. The calories in one cup of dried cranberries are 1/4th portion fresh cranberries.

Dried cranberries contain so many benefits for our health:

  • Improves Health of Heart
  • Helpful in Pregnancy
  • Boost Immune system
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Rich source of Fiber & Anti-oxidants
  • Contain small amount of Vitamin K, Vitamin B-complex, & Vitamin A
  • Contain small amount of minerals – copper, iron, & Manganese
  • Helps in digestion
  • Protection against Chronic disease
  • Protection against degenerative disorder
  • Maintain health of Urinary tract
  • Helps & prevents cancer
  • Improves dental health


You can use dried cranberries in replacement of your candy cravings. The candy cravings always  results in increase of bad fat in our body, dried cranberries also have sugar content which increase a little fat but you will get nutrients as well. Replace your candy box with our fresh high quality dried cranberries today.

You can cook below items with cranberries:

  • Cranberry sauces
  • Cranberry juices
  • Cranberry drinks
  • Can be used as stuffing
  • Can be Used in baked items
  • Can be used in casseroles
  • Can be used in deserts


Best time to harvest Fresh cranberries is September to October; we process our fresh cranberries by drying up the water content and to keep its nutrients safe.

How to get health benefits from dried cranberries? The answer is – consuming dried cranberries daily in moderate amount.

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