Buy our organically processed dehydrated apricots at best available price with rich nutrients. It can be consumed by any age group. You can consume it daily according to your hunger pangs. Try it and get a bundle of health benefits out of it.



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The process of dehydrating water content from fresh apricot results in dehydrated apricot. Dehydrated apricots have natural sweet taste. With this process the nutrients of the fruits are not affected. Apricots contains good amount of Vitamins, calcium, potassium, beta-carotene, magnesium, fiber, and Iron. One serving in a day of this amazing food can meet many health requirement of our body and also gives us about 20% of total fiber needs to our body, which is very important for our cholesterol level and also manages our weight.

Dehydrated apricots have a lot of benefits for our healthy way of living, few of which are written below:

  • Vitamin K in dried apricots reduces chances of blood clotting
  • Dried apricots can also treat Indigestion
  • It helps to regulate blood pressure levels
  • Minerals in dried apricots maintain the levels of fluid in our body
  • Potassium in dried apricots help for muscle building
  • Combined source of Copper and iron, dried apricots produces haemoglobin in our body
  • Good for diabetes also if consumed in moderate amount
  • Boost immune system in total
  • It helps to treat anemia as well
  • Good to treat stomach burn immediately
  • Good for a healthy and glowing skin
  • It has anti-inflammatory property which helps to deal with ageing problems
  • Dried apricots are super food for health of heart
  • Helps to maintain the weight
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Good for eyesight
  • Helpful for healthy pregnancy, and nursing
  • Regulate heartbeat

In this polluted environment, who doesn’t want to stay fit and healthy? People’s are getting aware of health needs and switching to a healthy diet. Dehydrated apricots can meet many health requirements with natural nutrients properties in it.

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