Buy the best quality Charoli/Chironji with pocket friendly amount from us and get yourself a healthy ayurvedic medicine. Chironji will not only save you from so many health problems but it will also give an aromatic flavour into your dishes specially in all kind of deserts.



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Chironji is the most famous seeds in India because it is used in almost many Indian common deserts. Chironji seeds are also known as Charoli seeds and also known as Buchanania Lanzan. To enjoy the best and tastiest flavour of Chironji seeds just roast or toast it. Everything related to these seeds have medicinal benefits – let it be fruits, leaves, roots, gum, seeds of this tree. Almost 50% of the weight of Chironji seeds is oil and the oil is used in many types of cosmetics.

Chironji have proven medicinal effect and Chironji is mostly used in Ayurveda and can be used as ayurvedic medicine for many health related problem.

The benefits of this amazing and tasty seeds are as follows:

  • Packed with nutrients
  • Natural body coolant
  • Promotes a health and glowing skin
  • It regulate the bowel movement and it result in the better digestive system
  • Good in situation like cold as it clear nasal congestion
  • May aid in weight loss as it provides most nutrient to the body, but a proper balance diet with regular exercises must be followed
  • Chironji oil may heal diarrhea
  • Researchers found that Chironji may boost the fertility in both the genders
  • Chironji oil helps to deal with infections and swelling also
  • Chironji roots has anti ulcer properties
  • Chironji may heal wound quickly without any side effect
  • Chironji may help to maintain diabetes
  • Chironji may heal many types of pain and problem as it is used as ayurvedic medicine


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