Buy the most organic and natural way grown Chia seeds which are going to boost your health like anything. Chia seeds are best for pure vegetarian as it substitute the requirement of eggs in our body. The price and the quality is assured at best possible manner



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Grown in Mexico, Chia seeds are super food for our health with many nutrients benefits like Carbohydrate, Fiber, Protein, Calcium, Anti oxidants, & Omega 3. Super food & super seed has a scientific name that is Salvia hispanica. You ever tried alfalfa sprouts? If yes, then the taste of chia seeds are just like the alfalfa sprouts. Also please by look don’t confuse chia seeds with basil seeds. Both are different in total.

The plant of chia seeds is safe and can be grown without using pesticides, because Chia seeds belong to Mint family and insects don’t like mint. The colour of the flower of the plant is purple or white.

Chia seeds are the gift of nature which grows naturally and totally organically, few benefits of this amazing seeds are mentioned below:

  • Good source of Dietary fiber, magnesium, calcium, protein, carbohydrate, potassium, sodium, copper, omega 3, omega 6, and zinc
  • Aid in weight loss – studies proved that chia seeds can aid in weight loss with proper exercise and balanced diet
  • Because of its high nutrients value chia seeds helps to prevent constipation
  • May help to prevent diabetes and it regulate the blood sugar levels
  • Fights many forms of cancer specially breast cancer
  • May provide instant energy
  • May boost the immunity power
  • May relief mood swings
  • Improves the health of teeth and bones
  • May provide a healthy skin with natural glow
  • Vegetarian can use it as substitute of eggs
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