Buy the “King of spices” Black pepper also known as “Kali mirch” at best price with natural and organic facts. Black pepper is the best seasoning into your many dishes and proven taste enhancer with various health benefits. It is used as a medicine also to cure various types of health problems. Best way to use this amazing seasoning is at last moment of cooking process.



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Black pepper is known as “KING OF SPICES”. In Hindi black pepper is called as “KALI MIRCH”. This is the most common spices used for seasoning many dishes. Black pepper is taste enhancer with many healthy properties. Black pepper can be used in much type of edible things like Juices, baking items, curries, Rice, seasoning, etc. Black pepper is black in colour as the name itself says and the texture of black pepper is rough. This tiny spice contains many nutrients like fiber, manganese, chromium, calcium, iron, and vitamin K. Black pepper is universal spices that is been used in any cuisines. Always add black pepper at the end of the cooking process and enjoy the enhanced taste.

Benefits of this tiny but amazing spice are mentioned below:

  • Helps in digestion of any dish
  • Helps to absorb the nutrients
  • Major benefit is black pepper can fight with depression
  • With good digestion and packed nutrients we can get rid of extra fat
  • Proven results to treat situation like ulcer
  • It is a proven remedy for a sore throat or cough
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Prevent growth of grey hairs
  • Cure joints pain
  • Good in improving dental health
  • Good for the health of skin tissues and it has anti ageing effects


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