Buy the rare known spice with lots of health benefits. The price and quality of black cardamom is best and assured. Black cardamom can be used easily in daily basis and it will provide you many health benefits. Start using it as soon as possible and prevent many health related problems.



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Black cardamom is mostly known as “BADI ILAICHI” or “KALI ILAICHI”. The benefit of black cardamom is so amazing and black cardamom is one of the rare spices which have aromatic fragrance effect. Black cardamom is used widely in many dishes and it has proven medical health benefits too. It is been decades since when black cardamom is in use to cure many diseases. Black cardamom has a powerful flavour and is mostly used in curries, biryani, and many Asian dishes. If we compared it with green cardamom then less people are aware about black cardamom.

Black cardamom being use as a spice and as a medicine have several health benefits, some of those benefits are mentioned below:

  • May improve gastrointestinal health and helps in gastric problems
  • Maintaining blood pressure levels which results in improvement of cardiovascular health
  • Researchers found that black cardamom can cure asthma
  • Fights with cancer cells and helpful in preventing cancer
  • Improve the oral health by providing stronger teeth and gums
  • May aid in weight loss but with proper regulate diet and regular exercise only
  • May treat urinary tract infection
  • Good for the health of skin and provides fair & glowing skin
  • Improves respiratory health
  • It can be used as an ayurvedic tonic also
  • It helps in detoxification of bad cells
  • Good for digestion and improves digestive system with packed nutrients
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