Buy our best in market Dry Bay leaf (TEJ PATTA) which are going to give your dishes an aromatic flavour along with many health benefits. The leafs can be stored for long if preserved in an air tight container.



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Leaf that grows in bay tree is known as bay leaf. Dried bay leaf is normally available in every Kitchen as it adds aromatic fragrance into any dish. By shape bay leaf are oval in shape. When they are fresh, they are shiny and when it dries its sticky and matte olive green in colour. Keeping it in airtight container will preserve it more than usual. If the colour turns to brown that means bay leaf lost its flavour. In India bay leaf is called as “TAJ PATTA” and all over world its second name is sweet laurel leaf.

Aromatic fragrance provider bay leaf has such huge number of benefits that is not known by most of the people who use it. Bay leafs are used as an element in various medicines especially in ayurvedic medicines.

Following are some of the main benefits of Bay leaf:

  • Helps to digest any food in which it is used
  • May treat respiratory conditions
  • Bay leaf has anti inflammatory properties
  • Have properties to improve the health of hairs
  • Natural spice which can be used daily and can benefit the health of heart indirectly
  • Stress reliever and may help to calm down mind
  • May fights with cancer cells but to a very small extent
  • May help to manage diabetes but do not rely totally on it to cure it


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